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Additional Free Publications on Bees and Beekeeping

Free Publications on Bees and Beekeeping

New York Food Laws


* Food Establishment Licenses

The Division of Food Safety and Inspection is responsible for the licensing and inspection of food establishments operating in the following capacities:

The terms “food” and “food product” shall include ALL articles of food, drink, confectionery or condiment, whether simple, mixed or compound, used or intended for use by humans or animals, and shall also include ALL substances or ingredients to be added to food for anypurpose. This definition shall be construed as including chewing gum


FDA -- The Food Modernization Act  (FSMA)





Article 20-C Food Processing establishments:

 Who's Required:

 Retail food establishments i.e. grocery stores, that conduct any type of food preparation such as meat or cheese grinding, heating foods, sandwich making, operate beverage dispensing machines, prepare sushi, salad bars, or other ready to eat exposed food packaging activity.

* If you are a food establishment that processes and sells retail, you only need Article    20-C license.

PART 276
Subject to Regulation Under Article 20-C of the Agriculture and Markets Law

Section 276.4 Exemption.

(a) Maple syrup and honey. Processors of maple syrup or honey who do
not purchase maple syrup or honey from others for repackaging, and who
do not combine maple syrup or honey with any other substance, shall be
*exempt* from the licensing requirements of this Subchapter, provided
that the following conditions are met:

(1) Such establishments are maintained in a sanitary condition and
manner, and to this end the following requirements shall be complied
    (i) Every practicable precaution shall be taken to exclude birds,
    insects (except those involved in the production of the product),
    rodents and other vermin and animals from the premises of the
    (ii) The use of insecticides, rodenticides and other pest control
     items in such establishments shall be permitted only under such
     precautions and restrictions as will prevent the contamination of the
    (iii) Rooms, compartments, places, equipment and utensils used for
    preparing, storing or otherwise handling the product, and all other
    parts of the operating premises, shall be kept in a clean and sanitary
    (iv) There shall be no handling or storing of materials which may
    create insanitary conditions in any place or places where the product
    is prepared, stored or otherwise handled.
   (v) All equipment and utensils used in processing or handling the
    product shall be maintained in good repair to assure sanitary
   conditions in the operation.
   (vi) All finished product containers must be clean, sanitary and
   properly labeled in compliance with the requirements of Parts 175, 176
   and 259 of this Title.





Description of Food Processing...

Download the Application for Food Processing Establishment Licence



*Home Processing Law,  Section 276.3 of the New York State Agriculture and Markets regulations states in part that "Home processed food . . . shall mean any food processed in a private home or residence using only the ordinary kitchen facilities of that home . . . but shall exclude potentially hazardous food…"

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* NYS Food Labeling Info pdf




*NYS Dept of Agriculture & Markets Web Site


 New York State Law

                                          AGM - Agriculture and Markets



 *Section 206. Relative to selling a commodity in imitation or semblance of honey

No person or persons shall package, label, sell, keep for sale, expose or offer for sale, any article or product in imitation or semblance of honey depicting thereon a picture or drawing of a bee, beehive or honeycomb, or branded as "honey," "liquid or extracted honey," "strained honey" or "pure honey" which is not pure honey.


No person or persons, firm, association, company or corporation, shall manufacture, sell, expose or offer for sale, any compound or mixture branded or labeled as and for honey which shall be made up of honey mixed with any other substance or ingredient.


There may be printed on the package containing such compound or mixture a statement giving the ingredients of which it is made; if honey is one of such ingredients it shall be so stated in the same size type as are the other ingredients, but it shall not be packaged, sold, exposed for sale, or offered for sale as honey; nor shall such compound or mixture be branded or labeled with the word "honey" in any form other than as herein provided; nor shall any product in semblance of honey, whether a mixture or not, be sold, exposed or offered for sale as honey, or branded or labeled with the word "honey," unless such article is pure honey.


 A product which is in semblance or imitation of liquid honey shall be labeled as "honey flavored syrup" or "artificially honey flavored syrup", as is appropriate.








ood Establishment Licenses

The Division of Food Safety and Inspection is responsible for the licensing and inspection of food establishments operating in the following capacities:

NY DEC Bear Law

Preventing and Controlling Wildlife (Bear) Damage in your Apiary

As a result of the dramatic increase in the population  of bears in New York state.  It is imperative that beekeepers know the law regarding nuisance bears and their apiarys.   Should a beekeeper experience any bear damage, they should immediately contact the nearest New York state Department of Environment Conservation (DEC) office and report the occurence.  Reporting is important so that the DEC is aware of the problem.  This awareness is critical so that beekeepers can protect their property and investment.  Below is the except from the DEC law.

Other folks engaged in agriculture are issued permits to control wildlife that do damage to various crops.  The beekeepers are permited to kill bears without a permit,providing that they contact the DEC.  Please comply with the law, so beekeepers can continue to kill nuisance bears.

For the entire law regarding nuisance wildlife go to

Preventing and Controlling Wildlife Damage

Excerpts from NYS Environmental Conservation Law Regarding Nuisance Wildlife

    § 11-0523. Destructive or menacing wildlife; taking without permit.

            2. Any bear killing or worrying livestock on land occupied or cultivated, or destroying an apiary thereon, may be taken or killed, at any time, by shooting or device to entrap or entice on such land, by the owner, lessee or occupant thereof, or any member of the owner's, lessee's or occupant's immediate family or by any person employed by such owner, lessee or occupant. The owner or occupant of such lands shall promptly notify the nearest environmental conservation officer and deliver to such officer the carcass of any bear killed pursuant to this subdivision. The environmental conservation officer shall dispose of the carcass as the department may direct.

You may also download   Preventing Black Bear Damage - A Beekeepers Guide

Determination of Circumvention of the Antidumping Duty Order

There are some significant new developments to report:


  1. The American Honey Producers Association informed me that the Dept. of Commerce has made a preliminary ruling to impose antidumping duties on honey/rice syrup blends.  This had been a major loophole that had contributed to the 2-tiered market.  Please see the Federal Register:


  1. There are reports of large recalls and cancellations of contracts.  These are a result directly or indirectly of the government’s success to stop and curtail circumvention in any of its myriad forms.


  1. The march to monopoly may in fact be morphing into a march to bankruptcy.


  1. I have been advised that there is a new TV documentary being prepared with 6 segments on food, including honey.  I am going to be interviewed for this segment.  I hope to be able to convey the sense that the industry is returning to a level playing field, and in that context, the positive story of honey can be retold with more vigor and confidence.




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