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NYS Logo Color-014State Fair time is coming around again.

Please consider volunteering at the ESHPA honey booth.

The New York State Fair runs from Aug. 21 to Sept. 1,

with 2 shifts per day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

and from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Volunteers may pick one (or more) shifts - the

starting times can be adjusted to better suit peoples' schedules. A free

admission and parking ticket is provided to anyone interested.

Please contact Hans Junga at for more information.



Honeycomb to Consumer: 


Marketing Small Scale Honey Guide:


Learn about New York's honey rules, proper labeling,


packing area sanitation, health claims, and includes a wide range of marketing ideas


to inspire newer honey farmers.



The guide was written by Jim Ochterski of Cornell Cooperative Extension.


Download it here .



International Honey Update -May 2014



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Summer  Picnic Information

Picnic 2



               Draft Guidance for Industry:


               Proper Labeling of Honey and Honey Products 


                                     Updated: 04/09/2014


International Honey Update -January 2014



NY Bee Wellness Workshops Info for 2014


Check out the Winter 2014 Newsletter


Lots of important winter bee info



Empire State Honey Producers Monthly Newsletter


November 2013


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Snacks and sweets face price sting

from humble honey bee


Fall 2013 Meeting Information

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International Honey Update -August 2013


 How many flowers must bees visit to make 1 pound of honey?

 jar of honey



 2 million



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Syracuse area beekeepers Web Site



USDA and EPA Release New Report on Honey Bee Health




Bee Brain Study Reveals Pesticide Effect





This year Ag Literacy Week topic is focused on Beekeeping


In celebration of National Agriculture Week (March 18th-22nd) many ESHPA members have volunteered throughout the state to read the  book The Beeman with a beekeeping theme to second graders. Students and teachers will also benefit from hands-on lessons and receive follow up activities. The book will be given to the school library with a bookplate recognizing the donor and NY Ag Literacy Week. 1,400 books were donated last year while thousands of second graders participated in fun and educational activities.


   Sue & Lucinda Show and Tell Lucinda reading the Beeman

 Lucinda VanVleck (a local beekeeper and retired teacher in the district) is the reader with beekeeper Sue Garing conducting the show and tell at the

Bell Elementary School in Kirkwood, NY 

  Greg show & tellpicture by A. Smith  Megan reading BeeManpicture by A. Smith

  Greg Kalicin beekeeper explains the tools use by beekeepers and Megan Kent of Lisbon read to the second graders at the

Madrid-Waddington School in Madrid, NY

The Beeman

by Laurie Krebs and Valeria CisThe Beeman

The Beeman by Laurie Krebs and Valeria Cis uses rhyming text and colorful illustrations to show all of the aspects of beekeeping. A young boy tells the story of how his grandfather produces honey, from the clothing he wears and the equipment he uses to the honey extraction process. Not only does this charming book explain the methods of honey production, but it also educates about the various types of bees and how they work together to produce this sweet agricultural product. The book concludes with six pages of additional information about bees, beekeeping techniques and equipment, honey, pollination, and bee dancing.






Bee brain study reveals pesticide effect




NY DEC Approves Section 18 for


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Apivar logo






Loss of Apiculturalist Position at Cornell


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