Beekeeper of the Year Award
Empire State Honey Producers Association, Inc. (ESHPA)

In 1953, ESHPA established the tradition of the "Beekeeper of the Year" award. At each annual fall meeting, the Empire State Honey Producers Association presents the Beekeeper of the Year Award. This award is presented to that person or couple who has—over a period of years—contributed in a substantial and positive way to beekeeping in New York State. Some examples of criteria that would make a good nominee are:

  • Reached out to the non-beekeeping public to explain the value of honey bees in our lives.
  • Be a member in good standing of ESHPA for a minimum of five years.
  • Been involved in the beekeeping community, locally, regionally and or nationally.
  • Influential in new beekeepers by teaching or mentoring the new beekeeper(s). 
  • Has contributed in some substantial and positive way to beekeeping in NY.

Some nominee's may not fit into some or all the above criteria and that is ok, we understand that some nominee's are inspirational in their passion of beekeeping or have made such an impact on beekeeping in the State of New York that they must be recognized. These individuals too, would make a great nominee for this award.  

The nominee could be a member of your local branch or Bee club, but does not need to be. You may wish to announce a request for nominations at your beekeeping meetings and in their newsletters. Feel free to contact officers of ESHPA and other local beekeeping organizations to request their suggestions for possible candidates and letters of support.

The nomination process is easy. Write a letter outlining how the candidate has impacted beekeeping in New York, again examples are reached out to the general public over the years talking about the value of honey bees, been involved in the beekeeping community at different levels and or influential to new beekeepers, or none of the above as there might be a different way they have contributed to beekeeping.

The deadline for submissions/nominations is August 30. Nominations and letters of support should be emailed to our secretary who will forward them to the committee members. The beekeeper of the year committee may also nominate someone, with or without a nomination letter or letters of support. All nominations will be treated fairly and equally thru the process of determining a final nomination, which is up to the committee to decide.


New York Beekeeper of the Year Awards

 Year         Name      Residence                                  

1953 - B. B. Coggshall - Groton
1954 - Harold Merrel - Wolcott
1955 Howard N. Myers Ransomville
1956 Lavern Depew Auburn
1957 Howard Norton Limerick
1958 George Walthousen Schenectady
1959 Earl Westfall Howes Cave
1960 ?
1961 Howard B. Webb Port Crane
1962 Claire C. Newton Watertown
1963 J. Earl Mann Lockport
1964 Claude Stevens Venice Center
1965 (None - E. J. Dyce
Honored at a joint meeting with Ontario)
1966 Archie L CoggshaIl Ithaca
1967 ?
1968 ?
1969 Harry T. Gable Romulus
1970 Raymond Churchill Watertown
1971 Paul Engelhardt Antwerp
1972 ?
1973 Burel Lane Trumansburg
1974 Julius Seewaldt Johnsonburg
1975 William Summick Gardiner
1976 Arthur Colvin ?
1977 Roscoe Wixson Dundee
1978 ?
1979 ?
1980 ?
1981 Gifford Miller Endicott
1982 Charles Lesher Deer River
1983 Gerald Stevens Moravia
1984 Roger A. Morse Ithaca
1985 Dan Davis Union Springs
1986 Howard Rulison Amsterdam
1987 Mary Seewaldt Johnsonburg
1988 Paul Ballard Roxbury
1989 Judith Doan Hamlin
1990 Robert Kime Romulus
1991 Richard Taylor Trumansburg
1992 Duane & Wanda Waid Interlaken
1993 Edward Doan Hamlin
1994 Robert Stevens Greenwich
1995 Fred Ludewig Ballston Spa
1996 Sherri McCann Camillus
1997 None selected
1998 None selected
1999 Roberta Glatz Feura Bush
2000 Earl Villeco Port Crane
2001 William Crowell Rome
2002 David Pawlowieh (postumously) Little Falls
2003 Joe Rowland Owego
2004 Aaron Morris Round Lake
2005 Paul Cappy Homer
2006 Richard, Amy Wakefield Deer River
2007 Peter Bizzoso Manorville
2008 George Lyke Ontario
2009 Joan & Dave Howland Berkshire
2010 Mark Rulison Amsterdam
2011 Laurence W. Winter Wolcott
2012 Art Gerber - Corfu,NY
2013 Hans Junga - Alexandria Bay
2014 - Deb & Greg Kalicin - Lisbon

2015 - Sam Hall - Canandaigua